Why MTK? The story behind my FM19 Twitch save

Budapest is a city that I love. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around a few in Eastern Europe, including Prague and Bratislava; there’s just something about the Hungarian capital that makes it stand out from the pack. In terms of football, the city is much like others in the region with fans split between... Continue Reading →

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The AbsoluteFM Trophy – get involved!

So what’s all this then? Welcome to the AbsoluteFM Trophy! This is an open-to-all Football Manager tournament run by the Absolute FM Discord group. Starting with groups of four (guaranteeing a minimum 3 head to head matches), then filtering down into knockouts and a grand finale, it’s something a little different. Are there any requirements?... Continue Reading →

Getting Started – The SFA Coaching Pathway

In my previous blog, I went into the reasons behind my decision to commit to earning my coaching badges. Regardless of the motivation or strength of feeling behind this, the road ahead is a daunting prospect. I’ll be following the ‘Main (Youth/Adult) SFA Pathway’ over the coming months and years. The SFA website is full... Continue Reading →

FM to Football Management?

For those of you that read my blogs and articles, you’ll know about my love of lower league football in Scotland. Clubs I visit tend to rely on their communities and committed volunteers to run successfully. I’ve long considered getting involved in a greater capacity and have now made a decision - starting in the... Continue Reading →

End of the Juniors? Scottish football set for historic change

Originally written for The Dugout https://www.thedugout.scot/2018/05/04/end-of-the-juniors-scottish-football-set-for-historic-change/ The 2017/18 season has been unremarkable in many ways: Celtic continue to rule the roost comfortably, Rangers are still dropping ‘intriguing’ club statements and the SPFL is once again serving up great entertainment overall. However, we may remember this campaign in future years as pivotal in the future of... Continue Reading →

2018 Playoff Summary – Scotland

This season, for the first time ever, sees playoffs at all levels of the developing Scottish pyramid. The SPFL playoffs are now well-established and have been an unquestioned success, while Highland League winners Cove Rangers look to secure a spot in the ‘professional’ leagues and become the second tier 5 club to earn promotion after... Continue Reading →

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